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ProTrain Center of Excellence Scholarship Program

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This new monthly education scholarship program is designed to help one new student each month realize their career goal.

ProTrain, an educational industry leader aids students achieve their professional goals by offering quality in class and online training through hundreds of universities and community college partners has created a new scholarship program.  The ProTrain Center of Excellence Scholarship Program, also known as the TRACKS Scholarship assists eligible participants in their goals of gaining the necessary Training that will have an impact on their quality of life to Retain needed information to allow them to Accelerate in our global market by obtaining the needed Knowledge to be Successful.

Training Retention Acceleration Competitive Knowledge Success


ProTrain, a leader in both online and in class “Education-2-Employment” certificate and certification programs is announcing a new monthly education scholarship program designed to help one new student each month realize their career goal. This program will offer 1 FREE course each month in the form of a scholarship to pay for a course that is highlighted in each respective month by ProTrain. Each month, ProTrain will spotlight a different program that coincides with that month’s national recognition. For example, in February, in honor of Valentine’s Day, ProTrain will give 1 deserving student a scholarship to pay for their Floral Design program.

How will ProTrain award this scholarship? ProTrain, in conjunction with its advisory board and partners from the Continuing Education Training Institute (CETI) will evaluate student blogs that are submitted in that respective month. The advisory board will review the submitted blogs and award the student with the highest score with a scholarship to take that month’s featured course for FREE. The rules for submission are simple. The blog must convey to the scholarship panel why this featured program can help them reach their “Education-2-Employment” career pathway. Blogs must not exceed 250 words, and must be received before midnight on the last day of that month. The panel will then evaluate all blogs submitted on time; and a winner will be announced in the first week of the next month.

Betty Gardner, ProTrain’s CEO is excited to be sponsoring the TRACKS Scholarship saying, “Education is the one gift that we can give that has a life time annuity” and “we are proud to be able to help some of our students with this special ProTrain program.”

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