ProTrain’s CEO, Betty L. Gardner was a guest presenter on behalf of The Open World Program

ProTrain’s CEO, Betty L. Gardner was a guest presenter on behalf of The Open World Program, a U.S. Congress-authorized program managed by the Open World Leadership Center, which brings emerging community leaders to the United States for week long networking visits to observe U.S. democracy and free enterprise in action. For more information visit http://www.openworld.gov/ She presented to distinguished guests from the Country of #Kyrgyzstan.

Ms. Gardner has been actively involved with hosting international visitors both for work and as a hosting family for well over a decade. Sharing and learning from one another is a most valid treasure to connect us all. Participants engage in hands-on experiences, direct observation, and substantive exchange with their professional counterparts. They also experience American culture first-hand while staying with host families.

Today, Ms. Gardner shared how a virtual continuing education system works with their educational partners and the services and support that ProTrain provides for “Education-2-Employment” opportunities worldwide. #openworldprogram #employment

Guests at today’s event included:
  • Gulshaan Ergeshova – Senior lecturer at Osh technological University (OshTU)
  • Jyldyz Artykova – Deputy Dean on Science and External Communication of Faculty of Mathematics and Information Technologies of the Osh State University
  • Meerim Imash Kyzy – Vice Dean, Assistant Professor, Department of Applied Mathematics and Informatics, Faculty of Science, Kyrgyz-Turkish “Manas” University
  • Murat Jumashev – Python/Django Web-Developer
  • Anipa UsupkozhoeAa – Director of the Kyrgyz-German Technical Institute, Kyrgyz State Technical University

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ProTrain is an affordable solution for students seeking to prepare for an in-demand career that will help move them and America forward to achieve the goal of Education 2 Employment! Personal Training Assessment Managers will work with you throughout the entire process before, during and after to assist with the student’s program of study.

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