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October 2015 Scholarship Winner

Written by ProTrain

PDollyroTrain is happy to announce that Dolly R Weekly- Hearn of Powder Springs, GA is the October 2015 winner of our Jump Start Scholarship – ProTrain is ready to help students like Dolly take a “first step in a journey that you have waited for a long time to begin”. ProTrain knows that the right education on high demand portable job skills is the right path to a career many aspire.

Dolly has won a year’s enrollment to our Pharmacy Technician Career Prep, with all materials associated with the course sent to her. The Healthcare career field represents 14 of the top 20 growing careers in the nation today. We are confident that with Dolly’s hard work on this program, her dream can become a reality.

Ready to take step towards a rewarding new career? Submit a short essay and you could win this month’s Jump Start Scholarship. The Scholarship program for November provides tuition and materials for any Start Your Own Business course. Deadline for essay submission is 30 November.

Congrats Dolly!

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