How to Become a Grant Writer

Written by ProTrain

If you have a talent for writing and research, and a passion for helping your community, a career as a grant writer could be right for you.

Learn the essentials of writing and acquiring grants for private, public or government use at ProTrain. Flexible, online classes for working adults can help you get started in a new career today. With Certificate in Grant Writing, you’ll learn how to write and research grants in corporate, nonprofit, educational and government settings. The self-paced, 12-month course includes:

  • Introduction to Grant Writing: Learn the fundamental elements of a grant proposal including objectives, methodology, evaluation and assessment, and budget.
  • Technical Writing: Study technical writing as a form of communication. Learn to create concise documents to teach, persuade or direct your readers.
  • Advanced Grant Writing Skills: Prepare professional, competitive and successful grant proposals. Learn potential pitfalls of grant writing and their solutions.
  • Budgeting Essentials: Learn fundamentals of the budgeting process, including how to prepare and manage a budget.
  • Effective Writing Skills: Strengthen your writing skills for clear, effective communication.
  • Fundraising Fundamentals: Become familiar with constituent groups, fundraising techniques, and the essentials of locating resources for nonprofits.
  • Grammar Essentials: Learn elements of grammar and essential writing skills for business communications.
  • Non-Profit Management and Governance: Explore fundamentals of nonprofit management and the legal and ethical requirements for nonprofit management and governance.

The comprehensive introduction to grant writing certificate is offered through ProTrain, where new Education-2-Employment programs are helping working adults grow their skill sets, enter new career fields and find jobs every day.

Do you need help with grant writing but already have a career you love? ProTrain offers Grant Writing Fundamentals, a five-week introduction into grant writing and proposals. It is the perfect step-by-step guide for parents, teachers and school administrators seeking funding for future projects or activities.

Browse all of the business and leadership courses offered at ProTrain or contact us today to get started in a new career in grant writing.

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