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Free Webinar! Case Study: How ProTrain helped one Adult School increase revenue by $275,000

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Sanger Adult School serves a population of chronically under and unemployed residents in a high property and violent crime region who struggle with literacy and a high disability rate.

Sanger needed to offer career and technical programs that led to a variety of careers in highdemand high wage jobs but not to add staff or additional costs to the school. An additional consideration was the challenge of the above state average poverty in paying for the training and certification programs.

In less than three years, ProTrain has successfully held classes at Sanger Adult School and placed students into internships and careers. 97% of those who completed the programs are employed – and the school generated $275,000 in additional revenue.

Find out how this program did it and how your program can replicate these results in this free webinar.

Your presenters are ProTrain’s Trenton Hightower, VP of Strategic Partnerships, and Suzanne Kart, Director of Marketing, and Sanger Adult School’s Nancy Penny, Principal.

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